What happens during my initial appointment?

The video on our Home Page illustrates this perfectly. There will be a consultation carried out with you before we start. We take some basic details from you and discuss how we can help you. This can be a perfect time for you to ask any questions or to find out more about anything you are unsure about. If we can go ahead then we will proceed onto the treatment itself. Afterwards we can discuss the treatment and from here we can work out a treatment plan or after-care if necessary.

I’ve been told a Sports Massage can hurt. Will it be painful?

This can really depend from person to person. If someone for instance has a tight neck and shoulders, there could be a level of discomfort. If it becomes too painful then let the therapist know. This may make you tense up even more which is no good to anyone. It doesn’t follow that for the treatment to be effective it has to hurt. A good experienced therapist will have a range of techniques they can use to good effect. You may feel sore the following day, which is normal, but drinking plenty of water will help flush everything out and help gain more effect of the treatment. Once that soreness feeling subsides you should be feeling a lot better and looser.

I don’t do any Sports, so is this not for me?

Sport Massage is for everyone! Our most common complaint is people with back aches, stiff neck and shoulders. Mainly caused by office based jobs, driving long hours, sleep issues or anxiety/stress. A good treatment can help someone relax. Anybody can have tight, tired muscles or be carrying an injury such as a calf strain.

How do I book an appointment?

There is a variety of ways you can book an appointment with us. You can Phone, text or email. You can even get in touch with us via Facebook!! Once the appointment has been made, you will receive a reminder text 24 hours before the appointment time so everything should be as easy as it can be.

How can I ensure I get the most out of my appointment?

If you can arrive in plenty of time before the appointment time (5-10 mins), this will ensure we can maximise the time available. A good sports massage treatment can take it out of you. You may feel tried and dehydrated. Drinking plenty of fluids will help the flushing out process of taking the toxins out the body as well. It depends on your timetable as everybody is busy but it’s probably best not to over-do things. Going for a big heavy workout straight afterwards is probably not the best thing.

What should I wear for my massage session?

Loose comfortable clothing is probably best where possible. Before the massage commences there will be a consultation so we can go over your needs and requirements. It may be necessary to wear a pair of shorts. We have plenty of towels for you to cover yourself up with in any case. If you are lucky enough to have long hair you may need to bring something to tie it up with.

How long will each session last?

This will depend upon your needs and requirements. The first session may take over an hour, as this is where we can discuss and plan the right process for you, or whether we can help you in the first place. We can then work out what is in your best interests. We do offer sessions for half hour/hour/or an hour and a half. It really does just depend!

If I’m ill on the day of my appointment, what should I do?

Its probably wise to cancel if you are unwell or not feeling the best, as a massage may exacerbate the symptoms and you may feel worse. You can easily contact us to rearrange. If you have a sore throat or can’t speak, you can still email or text us about the appointment if need be.

Can you help me in the longer term?

Absolutely. We have found that once people have stopped being in pain, they are very keen not to go back there!! We can be part of your overall wellness plan to keep fitter and healthier and keep all those little niggles at bay. Prehabilitation is often better than Rehabilitation. It can be something to look forward to and help you relax more as well. It’s a great habit to have!!!

If you have any questions or queries that aren’t covered here or elsewhere on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to MD Therapy!