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Before I started working with Marcus the muscles in my back and shoulders were very tense from work stress and everyday life. I didn’t have any reservations. Marcus gives an amazing deep tissue massage and he works intuitively. Although I am not a sportswoman, the massage really helps with the tension in my back, neck and shoulders.

Marcus is a really friendly, welcoming individual and very relaxing to be around. He always listens to my description of where the body needs most work. Afterwards I feel a deep sense of well-being, completely relaxed and revitalised. I recommend Marcus warmly and without reservation.

Jo, Sherwood

I found Marcus through a friend of mine that was very pleased with Marcus and the work he did on my pals leg. I have had a knee problem for a couple of years and whilst it is still there, Marcus’s healing hands keeps it controlled and less painful. My GP hasn’t diagnosed the condition yet either.

He is an easy going professional that likes to fill the room with laughter and will use as much force as you can tolerate. That works well for me.

I’ve sent other friends to him who are very happy to see him regularly too. Clearly I can recommend him to strangers too :)

Amarjit, Nottingham

I was in full time dance training and my muscles were tight, knotted and tired and I wasn’t aware about how to look after them properly. I had heard that a Sports Massage might be very painful but I felt very comfortable and relaxed.

I think you are really friendly and approachable. I could really feel a difference after the massage and have found much more mobility in my back.

Abbi, Mickleover

I was struggling with knee pain and muscle tightness brought on by regular exercise. I had problems with a tight IT band and sore calf muscles and thanks to my moaning to friends, they bought me a massage voucher for MD therapy. That was over two years ago and I’ve been having monthly sports massages since then. I had no reservations whatsoever.

Marcus is very professional and clearly knows his stuff. Marcus always tries to understand and get to the bottom of niggles, using his wide range of experience and knowledge. If he doesn’t know what’s wrong immediately, he will go and find the answer. Being able to run my first half marathon without too much pain following great advice and regular massages throughout training. The banter isn’t bad either!!

Tammy, Mapperley Park

I had discomfort in my upper back, between the shoulder blades and at the base of my neck. I found that it was very tight, and was causing me issues during the work day and sleeping at night.- I had no reservations working with yourself, however I was a bit unsure as I had never heard of the practice before.

I found the process working with you extremely easy and relaxed, and I saw results almost immediately. I think the best result would be a combination of two things: 1) having got on top of the discomfort in my back allowing a better posture and 2) having better knowledge how to prevent and manage any discomfort in the future.

Jonathan, Carlton

I had some discomfort when cycling behind my right knee and upper thigh, so I decided to come for a Sports Massage. It was a very positive if painful experience. It made me realise that my I was very stiff and had a great deal of tension in my legs.

I expected to be in pain the next day, but felt fine and went for a ride. I got the realisation that I need to look after myself better and not over-train. I think that I perhaps do too much and need to do more varied activities together with a more regular stretching/maintenance regime.

Max, Stapleford

I was very stiff in the shoulders & lower legs after my first few sessions of exercise for a while. I had no real reservations of working with you, the website looks good, the location was convenient and the price was appealing. The process of working with you was very good. I got a quick response to make the initial booking and the appointment time was good. The areas you worked on are now a lot better. I was surprised how good it felt the next day.

Ian, Grantham

I would just like to say Marcus saved me from weeks off work, I could hardly walk, on my 1st visit, which was a recommendation from a friend. The Doctor just gave me pain killers, which knocked me out.

After the 1st visit, the following morning the pain seemed worse and I did think “what have I done”
but the following day I could feel it easing, I could walk around without pain shooting down my leg.

Marcus knows what he’s doing, over the 5 weeks I treatment with him I had utmost faith in him as I could see big improvements every week by week 4 I could hardly tell I’d had a back problem.

If I had waited for NHS treatment, My 1st appointment didn’t arrive until I’d had my 3rd session with Marcus, I was back at work and getting on with my life again

I can only recommend you try a few sessions, and see the difference.

Sue, Gedling

I came to see you because I suffer with back pain and knee pain and wish to remain active as I get older. I immediately felt at ease when I discussed my situation and we agreed on a course of action. Marcus explained what he was going to do and was considerate and competent. I found the treatment relaxing,enjoyable and effective. Since the treatment I have reduced knee and back pain.

Brian, Carlton

I needed a massage for back/shoulder pain but I never did anything about it. I had no reservations at all as you understood what I needed and was glad I found someone who could work more deeply on the problem.

Geraldine, West Bridgeford

My situation was that I had a back strain about 10 years ago and since then I’ve suffered back pain most days. I was a little reluctant to use massage. Admittedly it’s an old fashioned attitude as there are some dodgy stories around!

The process put my mind at ease and was very easy to understand. From the initial booking through to the massage session, everything was made clear and my mind was at rest as I managed to gain a better understanding of what the massage industry is really like and what can be gained from looking after your body. You also outlined some simple stretches I can do to ease the pain in my lower back. Very impressed all round.

Chris, Toton

Before we started working together I had real stiffness in my legs and problems running long distances – my leg, especially my left one, would just seize up. The process of working with you has been good You have always been both friendly and very professional in your approach. you advise how much exercise is sensible after each massage session and tell me how you think I’m getting on. If I need a deeper tissue massage, you’re not afraid of that and the results are always good.

The one best result is being able to run the 26.2 miles of the London Marathon with relative ease and no pain – and to get a personal best time to boot ! I don’t think I could have achieved that without your help – thank you !

Lisa Lisa from Gunthorpe

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